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Do you have questions about APC? Getting married? Just had a baby? Or even a recent death in family? The APC Administration Team is here to serve you!
From completing a first degree, changing careers or staying marketable in a challenging job market, more and more people are pursuing life-long learning. Living Word Apostolic Bible College (LWABC) is here to provide students with opportunities to further their spiritual growth by furnishing them with a spiritual education that will allow them to gain a firm understanding of the Bible, Christianity and sharing their faith.
"The Bible makes it abundantly clear that children are very special to God. If you examine what the Bible says about children, you will notice God's great love toward them. If children matter this much to God, then they should matter as much to us." ~Jason Brissett, Children for Christ Director This statement reflects the hearts of all our dedicated children's workers demonstrate this sentiment on a weekly basis in their tireless efforts to provide quality ministry to children designed to develop their God-given talents and nurture souls through interactive services.
At APC, we believe in more than just Sunday School for children. We believe in Christian Education classes held throughout the week for all ages. Whether you have infants, toddlers, or teenagers; or you're a single adult or married person, we have a class designed just for you!
At APC, we value the varied talents and gifts that God's people possess. Our Drama and Arts Ministry strives to produce quality productions and presentations on a yearly basis during our Black History, Easter and Christmas celebrations.
It is our goal to share the message of Christ with our city and surrounding areas through community outreach, personal Bible studies, and prayer.
Facilitating creative fundraising efforts in aid of the APC Vision in Progress building fund and other worthy endeavours.
If the popular saying is true, "Behind every good man is a good woman," then truly it can be said that the backbone of any strong church is a thriving women's ministry! Can you imagine a church without food, hospitality and prayer? Neither can we! Beyond inspiring monthly meetings, our ladies host an annual retreat in the summer and a biennial conference in the fall. They provide hospitality services to our guest speakers and ministers, and coordinate visitations to shut-ins. We don't know what we'd do without this foundational ministry!
Our vision is love for life; building and preserving healthy marriages that will last.
Providing audio support and video recording for Sunday and mid-week services.
United for a Purpose. Committed to Greatness. As the motto of our men's group indicates, this dynamic ministry is determined to lead men on the path of excellence. Whether studying the Bible. fishing on the lake or maintaining the church grounds, the APC Men of Valour provide a community of accountability, mentorship, opportunities to serve, and spiritual development.
One of the last instructions Jesus left His followers was to go into the world and preach the good news. With the diversity of ethnicities and cultures we enjoy in Canada, Inviting the Nations to Christ is as simple as stepping out of the four walls of our church and into our community. Diversity I.N.C. Multicultural Ministry is striving to make APC a place where every individual, regardless of language, ethnicity or culture, can find their place in the family of God.
Music for His Glory is the mandate of APC's Music Ministry. On a weekly basis, our music department assists in worship services through the faithful ministry of our praise and worship singers, church band, sanctuary choir, mass choir and children's choir.
Are you looking for answers? Do you want to know God or strengthen your walk with God? Why not start with prayer? Prayer is one of the foundations of faith and the key to successful relationships with God and people. Get involved in a prayer group today!
In today's society, half of the adult population in any church and the general population are single adults. Whether you've never been married, you're separated or divorced, or you've been widowed, the Singles Ministry wants to be a source of support, education and opportunities for service.
Connecting with people, building relationships and developing confidence in Bible study and prayer are just some of the benefits of participating in Heart and Home Small Group Fellowship. Whether you live in the east end or the west end of the GTA, you can join a Tuesday evening home fellowship meeting in your area.
APC is a caring church that strives to serve our community. We don't want anything to hinder you from attending our services! We provide door-to-door transportation for those within the Pickering and surrounding areas.
We believe that it takes more than good preaching and great programs to grow a great church. Good manners and exceptional hospitality go a long way in making people feel welcome and providing an inviting place of worship. Our ushers and greeters are here to serve you!
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At APC, we value our youth and want to provide a healthy vehicle for uniting families in their spiritual development. Join us for our Youth and Family Development service this Friday!