Family and Individual Counselling

It is our desire, at APC, to assist people in their struggles by guiding them in their healing journey toward the effective management of life's challenges. Our counsellors are fully qualified and experienced in counselling as well as being committed Christians.

APC offers confidential counselling to all, accepting clients as they are and offering non-judgmental, professional attention, care and support.

God wants you to more than survive the trials of life; He wants you to thrive! Contact us today to make a positive change in your life. 


Premarital Counselling

Marriage, according to God's standards, is not only meant to be a wonderful experience but a reflection of God's relationship to the Church, also known in the Scriptures as the bride of Christ. That takes hard work!

At APC, we want to equip you with the necessary tools to have the best marriage possible. In your conselling sessions, you will learn the basics of communication, finances and intimacy.

We recommend at least six sessions of premarital counselling, so please contact us as early as possible for scheduling.